My fear is disguised as a 4-drawer metal filing cabinet from Office Depot

I won a competition and $500 for Girls spec script I wrote about a gigantic box of condoms. My first spec. What? Wow! I think this means I'm supposed to continue writing. Fuck. I wish I had easier dreams. A huge part of me wants to write comedy and get paid for it, living in a city where such things happen. And another part of me is like, just find someone to make a child with and then you never have to write again. Note: I've never thought much at all about having children except as a reason to procrastinate.

So far I'd say the biggest thing holding me back from moving to NYC or LA is this filing cabinet I have. It's filled with old papers from college and instruction manuals and tax returns and I can't imagine looking through it and making decisions about what to keep and what to throw out. How do people move anywhere? Fear for me is disguised as a 4-drawer metal filing cabinet from Office Depot.

My ego thanks the Acclaim contest people for validating my comedic script writing skills...and, my condo association thanks the contest people for an unexpected payment toward a special assessment for my neighbors' new siding. Easy come, easy go.