State U is a Pitch Finalist at Austin Film Festival

Our pilot script for State U advanced to the Austin Film Festival's second round, so Erica and bought badges and paneled and conferenced and festivaled away. Not only that but on Saturday morning we participated in the pitch competition and then advanced to the pitch finals that night! We gave a 90 second pitch for our show to Scott Z.  Burns, Scott Rosenberg, and Ashley Miller on a stage in front of people holding and maybe even drinking drinks at the Speakeasy. For a girl who is used to doing standup on stages at bars, it was still incredibly nerve wracking. We did not win, but we did meet a ton of amazing women and men with great ideas for shows and features, all of which I would watch. Another upside: instead of attending and paying attention to thoughtful provoking panels on Saturday, Erica and I got to be nervous and stress diet the whole day! Ditch those lbs!