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The Last Hurrah! (Improv w/Red Handed)

The Last Hurrah! (This time we really mean it!) at The Institution Theater
Sat., Jan. 6th at 8 pm

After nearly seven years, The Institution Theater finally has to move out of the warehouse location that we’ve called home. But luckily we’re only losing half our home and after January 2018, The Institution Theater will be housed in our other building just 10 yards away! So we’re moving but we’re not moving very far.

Anyway, after tons of final shows and last night in our original theater performances, this time we really have to go. So we’re going out with a bang by featuring final performances on the original Institution Theater stage of some of the improv troupes that have called The Institution Theater home! Our first week of “The Last Hurrah – This Time We Really Mean It!” performances features two exciting, unique and oddball troupes – Camp sLaughter and Red Handed!

Camp sLaughter is Austin’s premier improvised cult horror movie troupe, creating a chilling and hilarious horror movie right in front of your very eyes. Featuring: Sushant Sethi, Jessica Soos, Marcone Cangussu, Chelsea Beth, and Juese Cutler

Red Handed takes the classic Harold, fast-forwards it, and transforms it into a high-energy supersonic format that consistently delights audiences. Red Handed is a lively group of improvisers who have been performing together for a over a year as a team (coached by veteran performer Clifton Highfield) and bringing their snappy style to ColdTowne Theater, The New Movement, The Institution Theater, and The Hideout Theatre in Austin and at the Bexar Stage, and Alamo City Improv in San Antonio. In 2017 they were champions in The New Movement’s The Knockout competition. Featuring Ethan Stites, Amanda Smith, Brandon Martin, Tim Brewer, Valerie Nies, Jennifer Dorsey, Regina Soto and Ben Howell!

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