This Happens in the Pacific Northwest

Did you know that there are more serial killers in the Pacific Northwest than in any other region of the country? Ted Bundy, and the Green River guy, and...okay I don't know if that's actually true because I am not an almanac. But I do know there is plenty of THIS ingenuity happening.

Let's face it. This is clever. Inventive. And also totally serial killer-esque.

Just the sight of this has me craving organic gluten-free steel-cut oats garnished with organic marionberries, equal rights for everyone, and Nirvana songs. One other detail about the Pacific Northwest: the shoes are terrible! People are basically wearing large potatoes on their feet. I mean, I'm aware of such brands as Teva and Dansko, etc., and I understand the necessity of such shoes in granola-hiking-national forest/park areas. But in Oregon and Washington, there's this whole other subset hybrid of Birkenstock ugliness happening. #portlandia #grossshoes #serialkillers #trailmix #intentionalcommunity #loveandhateit