Lilith Fund Picks Up Slack Where Texas Leaves Women Behind

Planned Parenthood's loss of funding in Texas means that a huge number of low-income women may lose access to basic reproductive health care. This is disheartening news, which is why it is hopeful to see that even though Texas is leaving women behind, other organizations are picking up the slack. One of these is the Lilith Fund of Austin, Texas.

In 1973, The Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling made abortion legal for every woman in the United States, but subsequent laws have cut federal funding for abortion care, meaning the right to choose is limited to those who can afford it. The Lilith Fund works to assist Texas women in exercising their fundamental right to abortion by providing financial assistance and education to those in need.

The Lilith Fund is hosting their 9th Annual Reproductive Equity Awards on September 20th to raise funds so that they can continue providing reproductive equity for women in Texas. It looks to be a great event, and obviously supports a worthy cause. As women's health becomes more and more politicized and health care for women becomes less and less available, supporting organizations such as the Lilith Fund is imperative.