2013 Year-end list: Top Items Found on Bottom of Handbag

It's the end of 2013 and everyone is publishing their year-end lists. Top films of the year, best books of the year, worst songs on the most critically acclaimed albums of the year. I've got my own end of  year list: the top items found on the bottom of my handbag. Enjoy and see YOU in 2014!

10  Here's a bottle cap from a Topo Chico. What's Topo Chico? It's water. From Mexico. That you pay for. Right? This one could be from July or from yesterday. Who knows? It's a mystery!



9  Eeking out a spot at number nine: a teeny tiny bandaid (placed next to overpriced shiny stuff for lips solely to demonstrate its size). This bandaid works perfectly for a human's tiny papercuts or alternatively, a Barbie doll's stab wounds. Oh, Ken, why did you do it?



8  Another something tiny! This time hot sauce. Goes well with tiny scrambled eggs or a tiny bloody Mary. Also, I prefer Cholula, which explains why this is unopened.



7 A disposable razor gets the number seven spot, a necessity for hair removing emergencies. Olympic swimmers and bearded ladies alike swear by keeping one bouncing along at the bottom of their bag.




6  Oooh! A crumpled napkin*! This one was taken from a food truck at the brink of autumn when the air got chilly and my nose started running. *Scrapbookers agree the used crumpled napkin is fan fave.


5  Not one, but TWO empty packets of allergy medication. Apparently I thought these were precious enough to be held onto for a long time. I recommend everyone hang onto their empty allergy pill wrappers. If you have enough of them you'll probably eliminate the need for crumpled napkins.



4 A piece of candy you'll never eat with a clever little name is always a staple to keep in your handbag. What makes these tarts so sassy? This is a question also uttered many strip club patrons.



3  Bobby pins with a tangled necklace! In case you wanna get a little fancy!



2  Definitely always keep the gum you folded into a Post-it. For luck! Also, few people realize the forty-two minute mark is when the real magic happens within the hour.



1 And the number one item found on the bottom of my handbag is this half-empty pocket pack of HEB tissues. It eliminates the need for crumpled napkins! Compared to some items on this list, the half-empty pocket pack may seem a poor choice. That is until you dig deeper.


Looky there! It's a penny. Just floatin'. Chillin'. Hiding in the Kleenex. Crazy pennies!